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Stanley Lombardo
Ken Salerno



















Sue and Ray Jones are a 75 year-old couple in Augusta, Kansas facing $5,000 in fines and 14 days jail time for putting a bowl of water out for a handful of feral cats living in an alley behind their store. 










As a petty act of political retribution, Stanley Lombardo of Oceanside, NY has been barred from his 30-year post as a volunteer at the local landfill where he cared for a colony of 40 abandoned cats, and was forced to watch helplessly as the town supervisor denied these cats any access to food/water, while threatening to arrest anyone for trespassing who attempted to save these cats lives.











New Jersey's Ken Salerno was the colony caretaker for 65 cats living under the Seaside Heights boardwalk when the newly elected mayor put out an executive order to kill all of the cats.

These stories are not unique. There are over 90 million feral cats in the United States, and without any laws in place to protect community cats, colony caretakers are most vulnerable, whether it's being followed by unmarked vans at night or being put on high alert by the local law enforcement. When those particular people get caught up in “politics” for one reason or another, their colonies are targets. 

Catnip Nation also focuses on the big picture solution of trap, neuter, return, as well as animal cruelty prevalence, shelter cronyism, and political retaliation.

Sue & Ray Jones

Would you risk arrest for a cat? A stray cat? 

Would you disassociate yourself from your longtime political allies and upset your status quo to protect cats? Stray cats?

Would you wage a public relations war to expose abusive government officials or police officers who take aim at (or exact revenge on) people who toil daily to improve the lives of cats? Stray cats?

The heroes of Catnip Nation have done all of these things. 

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